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  Types of Natural Honey:  Wildflower or Clover Honey

      12 oz Plastic Bear or Glass Jar       $ 6
      24 oz Plastic Bear or Glass Jar       $10
      48 oz Plastic                                  $18
      80 oz Plastic                                  $25
  Wildflower - Local Honey gathered from various local nectar sources. A great tasting general-purpose honey.
- Local honey gathered from the nectar of sweet clover flowers. Use as a light golden table honey.


Chunk Honey - Selected light mild honey with a real chunk of honey comb in the jar.

     16 oz Glass Jar   $14


Raw Unfiltered Honey - An unfiltered and unheated product containing small particles of pollen, propolis and wax.  Nice mellow flavor.

     16 oz Glass Jar   $13
     35 oz Glass Jar   $33



Whipped Honey Creme - A naturally-crystallized smooth whipped honey. Great as a spread on toast, crackers and bagels.

     16 oz Glass Jar only  $12


Alfalfa -
Buckwheat - Citrus Blossom - Sourwood - Tupelo

 Natural  Nectar Varieties of Honey

  16 oz Glass Jar   $ 9
    Alfalfa, Sourwood, Citrus Blossom     

  16 oz Glass Jar   $11
     Tupelo, Buckwheat


Alfalfa - Honey gathered from the nectar of alfalfa flowers. This one is a delicate light honey.

Buckwheat - A bold malty black honey from the white blooms of buckwheat flowers. It's high in minerals and antioxidants.

Citrus Blossom - Honey gathered from various citrus flowers. It is a light aromatic honey.

Sourwood - Honey gathered from the nectar of the sourwood tree. Produced in the southern Appalachian Mountains, this is a delicious, almost spicy honey.

Tupelo - Honey gathered from the flowers of the white tupelo tree. Tupelo is a famous sweet honey from the Gulf States.


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